Thursday, 5 June 2008

I think iam turning Japanese, I think iam turning Japanese, i really think so

Sums it up nicely

What is Graphic Design? - Buzz It post

What is Graphic Design? - graphic design

Well Wikipedia describes it as :

The term graphic design can refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation. Various methods are used to create and combine symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may utilize typography, visual arts and page layout techniques in varying degrees to produce the final result of the project. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated.
Common uses of graphic design include magazines, advertisements, product packaging and web design. For example, a product package might include a logo or other artwork, organized text and pure design elements such as shapes and color which unify the piece. Composition is one of the most important features of graphic design especially when utilizing pre-existing materials or using diverse elements.

Is this Graphic Design? :

Well these are the first images that appear when you search "Graphic Design" in the mighty search engine that is Google. Are these images exactly what graphic design is and exactly what it represents?

I don't think so

Well with Google showing a poor initial response.........lets try Youtube? - graphic design :

So there you have it........the 3 main rules not to do when designing........still not quite sure what graphic design is?

Lets try another search : - what is graphic design :
Graphic design basically is visual problem solving using text and/or graphical elements. Your aim is to create something that is pleasing to the eye, and gets the attention of the viewer. But things can't just look cool. They have to work as well.

How effective is a great looking restaurant menu if you can't for the life of you find beverages, or it's hard to tell which price is for what? - what is graphic design :

I think as far as breaking down wha graphic design means to me this simple but effective video really helps you understand what goes into graphic design and not jus the visual side of it :

"Graphic Design is wank" - that guy may think he has a very powerful and solid opinion against graphic design but he uses it, sees it and watches it everyday, and wether he knows it or not he appreciates it.

After some more research on youtube i found this video..... in my opinion it shows how little is actually known about the subject graphic design. Yes i know this video is strictly in Australia but i think if you were to ask people all over the world it would generate a similar and pattern of response.

People take what they see everyday of their lives for granted and don't know what goes into it.

What is involved in Graphic Design?

At its heart graphic design is about drawing and presentation skills and about the ability to handle colours, lettering and patterns. Now, because of new technology, it's about a high degree of computer literacy and even mathematical skills. -

I think as a general overview of graphic design on a whole, people dont know enough about it. They make assumptions and criticize but i think until you are actually involved in the field you are still like assuming in the dark.

Here is a perfect example of this. Whilst researching for this i came across this website where describes the critical elements of graphic design and what it involves:

Here is a short introduction to graphic design theory, explaining the different aspects of design which are considered when composing a piece of fine art or producing a graphic layout in commercial art. I call it classic theory because it forms the basis for many decisions in design.

Elements of Design:

value & colour

Principles of Design:


"Classic design Theory"

The above just shows how minimal peoples thoughts on graphic design really are. Yes graphic design does have those elements  but also a hell of alot more.

There are many parts to graphic design and the work can go in any direction you choose to take it. All you need is imagination and style.

Coming onto this course i didn't really no much about graphic design and who actually produces it. The same applies to software i only knew basic software skills. but as the yea progressed is tarted to  do research and pick up on peoples work i liked, and others that pushed the boundaries and took it to a new level.

I began to look at this classed as graphic design? apparently......

An illustration is a visualization such as a drawingpaintingphotograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate textual information (such as a story, poem or newspaper article) by providing a visual representation.

At the start of the yea rit was fair to say i had minimal knowledge about graphic design and those who produced it.This forced research.....

Doing this uncovered the different layers graphic design owns :


Is the above classed as illustration, or is it just fancy mac art?

There is a range of illustration out there, such as:

When people think of illustration they think of precise hand rendered images or cartoons.i think grapic design has seriously developed this.


Typography is the art, craft and techniques of type design, modifying type glyphs, and arranging type. Type glyphs (characters) are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. The arrangement of type is the selection of typefacespoint sizeline lengthleading (line spacing) and letter spacing.

Typography is performed by typesetters, compositorstypographersgraphic artistsart directors, and clerical workers. Until the Digital Age, typography was a specialized occupation. Digitization opened up typography to new generations of visual designers and lay users.


What is graphic Design?


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Can you tell what it is yet?

I saw this whilst aimlessly flicking through the International Network and thought i was pretty cool. After a few minutes of eye straining later i finally got what it said.

Thought i would share it with you guys

Monday, 2 June 2008


This is really something i want to get into, and seeing that iam more type based it would be a real oppurtunity to broaden my skills with software and in the type field.

Live Type

Live Typo
Uploaded by GGG40

I have seen a few of these and really like how they are done. Its really simple but has a great effect.I will definitly consider doing some of these in my spare time.

Sunday, 1 June 2008